Horse farms Forever believes that horses, horse farms, and the equine industry create the “sense of place” that makes Marion County, FL unique and noteworthy.  For there to be horses and an equine industry, there must be farmland available for horse farms. The Farmland Preservation Area in northwest Marion County serves that purpose, and thus it must be protected and preserved to sustain this sense of place.

Formed in June of 2018, Horse Farms Forever, Inc., is a not-for-profit corporation registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services as well as a registered 501(c)3 with the IRS.  Our mission is to inspire the conservation of horse farms by preserving the natural pasture land for horses and their habitats, and to protect the soil and water on which they depend, while minimizing land use conflicts in Marion County.

 Join our efforts protecting horse farms and the Farmland Preservation Area in Marion County today ad have your name listed with our biggest supporters who want to protect our horse farms and our way of life. 


Charters ($5,000)  

Tim & Ann Admonius  

Leslie Bacon

Niall Brennan Stables  

Showcase Properties of Central FL 

Gena DeCamella  

Chris Desino 

Kurt & Janet Giesselman  

Pat & Phyllis Harlow   

Gary & Patricia Lang      

John & Paula Odegard

Mike O’Farrell   

Emil Spadone  

Matt & Courtney Varney


Patrons ($2,500)   

Janet Alexander   

Patrick & Nancy DeCavaignac  

Grand Oaks Resort

Bob & Aimee Greer   

Deborah Halliday   

Liz Halliday-Sharp   

Peter & Diane Halpin   

Cheryl Holekamp   

Timothy Holekamp  

Jason Lyons  

David Velez   

Mike Schweiss   

Pat West & William Shean  

Eddie Woods   

Partners ($500)   

 Brian & Dana Cox

Lauren Gibson

Dawn Kitzmiller  

Hoof and Paws Acres LLC 

Mary O’Neal

John Penn

John Piccin   

Stacey Rollins   

Cameron Scott

Charlie & Michelle Stone